Fleming’s Steakhouse and Jerry Seinfeld

Jason’s birthday was two-ish weeks ago. And while he doesn’t like to acknowledge his age, it was a milestone birthday. Also, the guy took me to Las Vegas and didn’t say a word when I booked a seventy-five minute massage on my birthday {at the MGM Grand, it was glorious {and also not cheap}}, and so I wanted to do something extra special for him.
Of course, I made him a “cake”.
not to mention, we ate copious amounts of bar-b-q for lunch at Jimbo’s, per the birthday boy’s request on March 13th.
But I also wanted to give him an actual present. Jason is a real simple dude who doesn’t want a whole lot, and if he does, he just buys it for himself anyways, so he sort of takes the fun away from me.
I had read that Jerry Seinfeld was coming to the Straz Center, here in Tampa and thought that would be a great gift. Seinfeld is to Jason what Friends is to me: a great 90’s sitcom that we can basically quote at any given time on the spot. 
Back in June, I had won a hundred dollar gift certificate {thanks Tracy!} to Fleming’s Steakhouse and we had yet to use it. I kept waiting for a special occasion. Jason’s birthday was quite fitting.
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The food was ah-mazing:

{filet over mashed potatoes topped with a crab cake.}
{clearly, I enjoyed it ALL.}
{Jason’s NY strip}
{carrot cake. crack-like, addicting.}
Jerry was hysterical. I haven’t seen a lot of Seinfeld episodes or followed him in general, but he was great. My cheeks hurt by the end of the night. A great evening was most definitely had.
As we get older, I’d much rather create memories for each other, not that every year we’ll be flying to Vegas or having fancy steak dinners, but this year we have been very fortunate and blessed. Really, no matter how you celebrate special moments, it’s about the memories, anyway.
How do you celebrate special occasions?


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    My b/f loves Fleming’s as his birthday dinner of choice, but I prefer Bern’s on my birthday. Did they give you guys a $25 gift certificate for celebrating a birthday there? They did when we were there in October and I thought it was a really great gesture!

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    I agree! Having a special experience with someone is a much better and more meaningful gift than something you can wrap in a box. Great idea, I bet Jerry was hilarious.

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    I have eaten at the Flemings in Cleveland, Ohio. It was so good! It’s been years. I’d love to go back. Did you say carrot cake?!? That’s my fav!

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    what a great birthday present! I’m the same way, I’d much rather take a trip/go to an event than buy a bunch of presents for special occasions :-)

    – Val @ KnotTiedDown.com

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    You’re such a good wifey! That meal from Fleming’s looks ah-maz-ing, I can’t believe I haven’t been there yet! It’s now going on the list. :)


  1. […] was so proud of myself for surprising Jason with dinner to Flemings, and tickets to Jerry Seinfeld, last year! But Jason generally doesn’t want or need anything, so he makes it very hard for anyone else […]

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