Foyer Inspiration

I have always wanted a fancy foyer to dress up. We had our first “un-official” housewarming this weekend. Truth be told, I’d been putting off a soiree until the house was truly complete – but I have been informed by every other homeowner out there, that our house will never truly be done. I’m starting to see what they mean.

I bought this fun teal accent cabinet from Target, that I thought would be all the inspiration I needed for the most stylish of entryways, but then I changed my mind. #asistradition.

Threshold™ Windham Accent Cabinet

Now? I’m looking for more space to store baskets for shoes, and/or maybe a rack for bags. I’m thinking of moving that above cabinet to another spot at Casa de Crews, and starting from scratch. I’m really into gold accents lately. I love modern, but rustic, and maybe a bit of vintage, for good measure. Does that even make sense?

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Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella Comes to Tampa #CinderellaTour


cinderlla 1

It may seem cliché to tell you that as a little girl, Cinderella was my all time favorite fairy tale, but it is true. I made my poor parents watch the film, and read me the book all.the.time.

When I heard that the Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella was coming to the Straz Center this week, I knew I just *had* to go! Any time I get an exciting opportunity to attend a show at the Straz Center downtown, Jason seems to have class [which has allowed me to bring a few girlfriends as my date, and once I was even lucky enough to bring my momma to see The Rockettes]. Fortunately for me, Mister C does not have class on Tuesdays. When I asked if he’d go with me [via text], he replied, “Yes, I’ll take you to the ball, Cinderelly.”, which may sound cheesy, but I knew that meant he was in.

On our way yesterday to opening night, Jason told me he had never seen Cinderella, and why again did she lose her glass slipper? I had to ::ahem:: educate him on the classic children’s version so many of us grew up with - Cinderella is more like a slave to her step-mother, and ugly step-sisters. Cinderella has a wonderful heart, and all the animals love her. She loses her slipper trying to leave the ball as the clock strikes midnight. As I told Jason all this I realized that maybe this wonderfully classic tale did seem a tad outdated…I mean, yes it’s cool as a kid that Cinderella escapes her terrible step-family to become a real princess, but it is 2014, and don’t we maybe want more as a modern day girl from our fairy tales?


“Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella is the Tony Award-winning Broadway musical from the creators of The Sound of Music and South Pacific that’s delighting audiences with its contemporary take on the classic tale. This lush production features an incredible orchestra, jaw-dropping transformations and all the moments you love – the pumpkin, the glass slipper, the masked ball and more – plus some surprising new twists! Be transported back to your childhood as you rediscover some of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s most beloved songs, including “In My Own Little Corner,” “Impossible/It’s Possible” and “Ten Minutes Ago,” in this hilarious and romantic Broadway experience for anyone who’s ever had a wish, a dream … or a really great pair of shoes.”


Last night’s performance did not disappoint! It had so many modern twists, tons of laughs, as well as wonderful effects, and oh those costumes [especially when Cinderella's Fairy Godmother turns her into a belle for the ball; wow!] I would love to share more details, but then I couldn’t think how to give you more of this fun show without ruining all the surprises for you! Even my husband, the good sport, enjoyed it.

Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella will run a the Straz Center, October 21-26. P

lease do yourself a favor, and see this show!

caught up with a few fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers! Photo Cred: Carter Gaddis

catching up with a few fellow Tampa Bay Bloggers! Photo Cred: Carter Gaddis



Bring your gently used prom dresses, cocktail party dresses, evening gowns, shoes and accessories to any performance of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella for donation to Belle of the Ball Project, a nonprofit organization that provides homecoming and prom dresses to young women in need. >>> I donated a few cocktail dresses for this worthy cause myself.

 Which fairy tale was your favorite as a child?

**I received two tickets to the opening night of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella from the Straz Center, in part with the Tampa Bay Bloggers, in exchange for my review. All opinions are always my own**

Keeping it Real

I started this blog in 2011 [my short and sweet first post, here] as a naive lil’ newlywed. I knew one person in real life who blogged [heyyy Krystal]. I made new friends. I’ve made connections, and have been invited to the occasional event because of my site [and the people I knew, mostly].

I started this personal blog to document my new life as a wife. I liked reading other blogs of fellow newlyweds. I enjoyed finding new recipes, crafts, and seeing how other people lived. I was the first of my close friends to get hitched; so finding like-minded friends was fun, and a welcome change. Sharing my thoughts, wedding photos, and terribly photographed crafts also led me to a part time gig at the venue where Jason, and I married…and eventually was a reason I finally took the plunge to start my own events business on the side.

My blog has grown, and I have learned SO much! I’ve attended conferences that have taught me how to my brand [in this case me [and Jason] being the “brand”] my blog, and made some of the best friends from attending said conferences.

But I also try and keep up with my friends. Sometimes, it is exhausting! My life isn’t perfect, and while I don’t think anyone has ever thought it was or that I portrayed a stylish life, in my head that is sometimes what I want you all to see.

I’ve always been a bit cheesy, sentimental, girly, and crass [clearly, I am the whole package, haha]. I feel like at thirty, I mostly really love who I have become, and welcome it.

But sometimes trying to successfully blog, work full-time, have a social life, and make our newest casa a real home, is a lot of pressure. I’d rather blog less often with better content and photos, than blog often to fill a void, and up my stats.

I started this site as a creative outlet [I didn't know it then, however], and I miss the enjoyment. Can blogging be “work”? Sure. I know quite a few friends that make a decent living doing so. But I have a real job [that I don't love, but tolerate for the time being. I digress], and there’s no point in killing myself trying to grow my site, if I can’t enjoy it…right?

I’m just keeping it real, yo. Thanks as always for reading! xoxo


Monday 10.20.14

Oh Monday. Why is it every time you get into a good groove – clean house, working out/eating well, regular blogging, etc something happens to throw you off your game?! I was hit with some awful bug that lasted me ten days. Two weekends, and one miserable work week, you guys.

Fortunately, I’m feeling human again and ready to take on the world, or…something like that.

This weekend was a productive one! Jason only has one month until finals mode {or what I like to call pre-finals mode}, and so that means anything house related I need his help with has to wait. But instead of waiting for the mister, I tackled a huge project all by myself; painting. I have never painted solo, and so I was a tad nervous, but it was something I desperately wanted to get done. And I did! I promise to share photos soon, but currently since the weekend consisted of said painting, Casa de Crews isn’t ‘photo shoot ready’ for this ol’ blog.

BEHR - Pewter Mug

BEHR – Pewter Mug

Other ‘fun’ happenings from the weekend: I finally finished Breaking Bad – holy cow! I am so sad it’s now done {if you’ve also watched, let’s discuss!}. I don’t even know what I will do with myself now. Jusssst kidding, I still have plenty of Gilmore Girls to watch.


A few festive outdoor purchases for Fall/Halloween. I love mums, and while I never found orange ones like I had hoped for, I love the pot these came in. Also, since I’m so late to the Halloween decorating par-tay, I snagged  a few simple decorations for 60% off at Michaels! #holla



A bit of meal planning: Spinach, Bacon, and Cheese Egg Cups, Buffalo Chicken Drumsticks cooked all day in the crock, and a few other dishes not shown.

spinach bacon cheese egg muffings

buffalo chicken drums

Was this weekend the most exciting one ever? Nope. But it felt good to accomplish quite a bit, and feel like a human again.

How was your weekend?