27. 07. 2014

Simple Tools You’ll Need for DIY Projects. As a new homeowner, half my time is spent at local hardware store, and the other half is spent working on DIY projects around the newest Casa de Crews. But I have found THE solution!

DIY Outlet Online

Whether you’ve just bought a home (like me) and are looking to get started on renovations or are a longtime homeowner who has always hired someone to do work around the house for you and want to save money by doing things yourself, there are some basic things you’ll need to get started on your do it yourself projects.

Of course, what you will need will vary depending on what projects you’re planning to take on, but there are some basics that are good to have on hand that you will definitely find yourself using somewhere along the line. Most people already have a hammer, a small supply of nails, a ladder, and a screwdriver. But what else might come in handy as you begin to take on more projects around your home? Have you thought about purchasing a wire crimping tool, a heat sealer, or a drill and drill bit set? All of these are not only useful but can help you save money by not having to hire a handyman or by being able to preserve foods and household items for long periods of time.

DIY Outlet 2

Step stools, wrenches, various screws, picture hanging kits, wood glue, super glue, and various kinds of tape will always come in handy too. While you could spend all day going to a hardware store to pick up these kinds of items, and walk out with an abundance of things you don’t necessarily need right away, you can also try checking out websites like The DIY Outlet, where you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for, from heat sealers to welding helmets, and purchase just what you’re in the market for. Having these basics, and others, on hand will save you a world of time and money in the future as you begin your DIY projects.

What are some of the most common used tools around your home?


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22. 07. 2014


Last month, my mom, littlest sister, and I hosted a baby shower for my sister, Shauna. Sister is due in early September and is having a GIRL! We’re all very excited, and can’t wait to meet our niece.

For a theme, we opted for a high tea shower, because if you knew my sister, you would know that is totally her. She also loves to read, and wanted to grow baby’s library before she came. So we made it a book themed shower, as well. We asked everyone to bring a book to sign, instead of a card to help build the library. Baby received lots of books!

As much as I enjoy planning, executing, and styling my own parties {like my mother in-law’s vintage party in April, or my sister’s bridal shower}, it just wasn’t going to happen with everything we all had going on. And I think that is okay.

baby shower games -- wish card from #etsy

 [wish card found here]

We decided to host this shower at the Empress Tea Room, in Tampa. If you’re in the area, I highly recommend them! They were amazing, patient, and awesome. With mismatched china, a quiet setting, and friendly staff, we didn’t have much to do besides bring a few centerpieces, favors, and standard baby shower games.

Empress Tea Room on Urbanspoon


paper book flowers #babyshower

 [paper flowers from this etsy shop]

tiered bites from empress tea room #tampa

high tea in #tampa at The Empress Tea Room

candy favors for a baby shower

cupcake favors

My sister received a ton of generous gifts, and says they now have just about everything they need. I am so happy, and excited to become an auntie {Jason has nieces and nephews and I am of course their aunt, but it’s something else when it’s your own little sister, who you used to snub in school, because she was a freshman, and you were a senior…thank goodness we’re past all that. I know she is going to be a wonderful momma!}

green eggs + ham

[impressed with the wrapping and gifts from a co-worker]



everyone poops

everyone poops

[Shauna's sister in-law and her book]


 [my mother in-law, and sister]


[all the ladies in our family; cousin, sisters, mom, aunt...]


[two of my closest, and oldest friends <3 ]


[momma and her girls]

17. 07. 2014




+Tomorrow starts the Food and Wine Conference in Orlando. I’m like so excited, ya’ll! I know you’re probably not attending, but as much as I am pumped about meeting fellow minded food bloggers, and brands…I am more excited for the food and wine. And rooming with Krystal. And seeing the super sweet Melissa.

+I’ve been sick all week. Last night, I decided I wanted some delicious, delicious Panera soup. Target is closer than Panera, so I picked up a plastic container of the Panera brand Baked Potato Soup…and then left the lid on the stove and melted the lid. I hate being sick.

+We still don’t have blinds in our new home. We have some fancy schmancy hurricane shutters, however. I think it makes us look like weirdos. I told Jason we needed blinds. He agrees, but has more pressing matters {you know, summer semester of law school and finals. nbd, right? ha}. Yesterday, we had a ton of mail the mailman held with post dates from last MONTH. The inside of our mailbox said “vacant”. So tonight, I’m going with my mom to buy blinds. Because, obvs even the fine folks at the United States Postal Service don’t think anyone lives in our house. #creepers

+I made my own BBQ sauce, you guys. It’s amazing, and sugar-free. I added to shredded chicken for salads this week. At some point, I will get around to sharing the recipe. It’s the easiest, tastiest, two-ingredient recipe, EVER.

+I’ve been slacking massively on the working out {clean eating is still pretty good…most days. See #2}. So I signed up for a 5k in November. Nothing motivates you to run again than signing up for another race. I hope, anyways. My best friend is doing the half. I love that girl.


How has your week been?


As always, thanks to Kristin for this link-up! It’s becoming my weekly favorite.






16. 07. 2014

Back in June, I was asked to help a friend plan a surprise 30th birthday party for her husband. She wanted to plan a Hawaiian inspired soirée. I was on board, and excited to help! My friend and sort of “client” opted to have this party at her grandmother’s house. I helped with vendor selections, design ideas, and hopefully gave some sound advice. But at the end of the day, her grandmother and mother took over and I didn’t have any set-up to assist with. Initially, I was bummed because I love to plan and execute a good par-tay, but it all worked out well, since we had just closed on our first home the week before.

I was able to attend the party and snap some photos, however. This luau was a hit, and I was glad to be a small part of it!