Christmas Party Menu – Dozen Days of Nog #SafeNog

Christmas Party Menu - Dozen Days of Nog #SafeNog

Today, I’m teaming up with Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs to share my tips for holiday prep, as well as our Christmas party menu.

Our fourth annual Ugly Sweater Christmas party is this coming weekend! I am beyond excited to throw our first official party in the new home. As stoked as I am, I was also a tad stressed thinking of all the things I had to have done. Our house is nowhere near 100% ready for entertaining, but it’s in a good place [and besides, everyone tells me that apparently, once you buy a home, you’ll never be done], and I’m happy with the decor.

My next ‘task’ on the party-prep list was of course the menu. It would be silly, and way too time consuming to plan a full dinner, but I wanted to create a menu that is fun, flavorful, and that everyone will remember. I also want to offer a mix of indulgent, holiday bites, as well as a few lighter, cleaned-up menu items for good balance. I’m prepping as much as I can prior to this weekend, so I’m not stuck in the kitchen all day, because I want to actually enjoy my own shindig, right?!


What I like most about cooking with Davidson’s Safest Choice is that their eggs are pasteurized, so they taste great and are safe for all our favorite egg dishes. The Safest Choice all-natural, gentle water bath pasteurization process eliminates the risk of Salmonella in eggs without changing the nutrition or flavor. So even with the indulgent plates I’m making for our par-tay, I know I am serving our guests safe eats, as well.

Make sure to visit Davidson’s Dozen Days of Nog Facebook event, live December 13 – December 24, as your central hub to grab planning tips, snag recipes, and get advice for any holiday prep you may have from other foodies (like me! I’m there all week offering up any advice I have). You can also post your recipe directly on the #SafeNog page any time and one participant’s recipe could be added to the Recipe Center! [Read more…]

Christmas Wish List – 2014

Buying our first home this summer means a lot of our extra cash goes into decorating and/or fixing up the new casa. That means that even though I want a few fun goodies for myself, I can never seem to make myself splurge. Buttttt that doesn’t mean my family and friends can’t buy me something pretty, especially since my birthday is just eight days after Christmas, hehe. I mean they probably won’t, but a girl can dream…right?

CasadeCrews ChristmasList

one. Kate Spade Bag | two.  Infinity Bracelet | three. Coffee Mug | four. Book of Mormon tickets – coming to Tampa in January! | five. Pitcher | six. Erin Condren Planner | seven. Eyeshadow

What are YOU wishing for this holiday season?

Friday 12.12.14

What a week! Jason finished the Fall semester (1.5 to goooo!) and as usual, it’s already been a jam-packed week filling up all our time together before the next semester starts. Today, I’m sharing a few faves from my week!

+ The Color Run this past weekend with a few co-workers. It was so much fun! I didn’t actually want to go, but once I was there, it was a blast! Yes, I paid to have paint or powder, or whatever it was thrown on me. Seriously, it was a great time.


+ My new favorite Orange Juice! We don’t drink much juice because of sugar. But I was hit with a cold this week, and found Natalie’s. The only ingredient is well, oranges. And it was super tasty. Plus, they’re only three-ish hours from Tampa, and that makes them local-ish to me!

Natalie's OJ Florida

+ Walked the Jingle Bell Run in St. Petersburg with the family, and a friend. This is my favorite holiday event. The trail is lit with luminaries, and many live bands playing holiday music. This is the first year my mom, sister, and her hubby came too [last year, Jason had finals, and I went with my best friend], so it felt extra special and festive!


+ Our friends, who moved to Colorado, were in town with one free night to visit. It was a short and sweet dinner, but I’m glad we saw Susan, David, and their adorable little girl!




How has your week been? 

Linking with Amanda 


Everyone is posting their holiday content filled with good tidings, recipes, parties, and gift ideas. I love it! But I am uninspired to blog about the same things, as I think of all the festivities we have coming up, as my husband finishes his last final of the semester tonight [!!!]

So instead, I thought I’d share some people who inspire me to do more, and do it all better.

+ My best friend, Amy. Ames is more like another sister than friend. We have been through so so sooo much together. We get “it”, and for as similar as we are, we have differences as well. I love that through our changes, and differences she is still the chick I know I’ll end up with in the old home when our men can’t keep up with us anymore. She’s my hetero life partner, for sho’.

She also lost more than 60lbs (I don’t know the exact amount), after kicking cancer’s ass (sarcoma, if you want to know). She ran her 2nd half marathon this past weekend. She wishes she had done better, because aren’t we all our own worst critics? Homegirl completed her SECOND half marathon consisting of 13.1 miles. I don’t care if you can run that or not. I can’t, so anyone who can impresses me, greatly. Especially with how hard she had to work to get there!

Amy inspires me to improve my overall health, among other things.

+ My husband. Oh, this man. We have been through some battles, and come out stronger with each one. This guy gets up every day at 5am to let the pups out, and I sleep in. He jumped on board with me when I suggested we eat clean and run. He kept at it even after I fell off the wagon, again, and again. He works full-time, goes to law school, studies hard. He’s a legit adult, and we’ve come a long way from the two ‘kids’ who met at a bar whilst downing Jaegar Bombs, though I’ll admit I do miss those days sometimes.

Jason inspires me to do more, and complain less.

+ I actually knew Krystal in high school. Lost touch, and then we re-connected as we both planned our weddings in 2011. Krystal blogged. I thought it was neat. I started this blog shortly after getting married and picked her brain all the time. Fast-forward, and Krystal is killing it! She works as a full time blogger, full-time momma and wife, and I have no clue how she posts as much as she does. HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME?! She also started a new site, Bloggers Get Social, an accountability group for busy bloggers. She is super knowledgeable, and her hard work has definitely paid off!

Krystal inspires me to grow my blog, and do more.

+Kerry is just the sweetest. She commits random acts of kindness for people. Be The Change. I think more of us need to follow in Kerry’s steps and be the change we wish to see in the world, right?

Kerry inspires me to do more for others.

There are so many people who inspire me on a daily basis; my parents, my sister (the new mom), other bloggers, people I have never met…sometimes, life gets too hectic for me to reflect the way I would like to. Sometimes, I get pissed thinking of all the things I have to do. I whine, I complain, I am cranky, and ungrateful. It is all so silly, and often times irrelevant to the big picture. I think it’s normal, and I think I was way past due in taking a moment to really think about just a few of the many people who inspire me.

WHO inspires you?