18. 04. 2014

As much as I enjoy meal planning, sometimes even with the gazillion recipes out there, I can’t decide what to make for the upcoming week.  Or often occasionally, I end up leaving an item or two off my grocery list and then I end up back at the store later in the week to get my missed ingredients for a meal!

That’s why you often see me post about eMeals. They offer fourteen different dinner meal plans for just about any way of eating, out there! Mostly, I stick with the paleo, or clean eating meal plans, but every now and then for inspiration, I like to switch it up and sample menus from the Mediterranean, Low-Carb, and/or Slow Cooker links.

Shrimp-and-Linguine-eMeals #giveaway at Casa de Crews

[one of my fave eMeals recipes - I just sub "zoodles" for linguine]

…and my favorite part? They have a grocery list at the end of each week’s meal plan! I don’t have to worry that I’ll forget something on my shopping trip. eMeals saves me a ton of time, ya’ll.

17. 04. 2014

After planning my mother in-law’s vintage inspired birthday party, I knew I wanted to purchase a gorgeous, chic, old timey cake stand…until I discovered how much it would cost to buy one!

I decided then, that it was time to get crafty, ya’ll. I am not the most crafty of people, and for some reason the term “do it yourself” intimidates me. But I wanted my pretty cake stand, and so I had to figure something out.

DIY cake stand #DIY #cake #cupcake | Casa de Crews

We have a brand new Goodwill nearby, and I decided one day after work to see what I could find. Little did I know I’d find several sets of gorgeous, old-school China to use for my stand! I found so much, that I made not one, not two, but three different types of cake, and cupcake stands. The best part was that I spent less than $8 per project!

DIY cake stand #DIY #cake #cupcake | Casa de Crews


DIY cake stand #DIY #cake #cupcake | Casa de Crews


DIY cake stand #DIY #cake #cupcake | Casa de Crews

16. 04. 2014

I know I have talked, and talked, and talked about all the fun parties, and weddings I have booked on the side recently, but a lot of them I am still waiting for photos on; aren’t my cell phone snaps a tad sad when I am sharing party pics? I thought so too.

vintage mint & gold party @casadecrews #birthday #mint

[custom invite from Design by Rachel G]

fresh flowers in vintage milk jars, and mason jars #vintage #mason #spring | Casa de Crews

fresh flowers in vintage milk jars, and mason jars #vintage #mason #spring | Casa de Crews

Luckily for me, I was able to snag a good friend to photograph my mother in-law’s surprise party this weekend, and she has already sent me photos! Trying to plan this party with my sister in-law, each having our own busy schedules made this party a little stressful to plan at times…but seeing all the photos, and all of our little touches come together, made it all worth it!

vintage sign in table #mint #gold #vintage

Oriental Trading Suitcase for vintage welcome table for birthday party in mint and gold #birthdays #mint #gold

15. 04. 2014

When the owners of Simply Art Studios contacted me to host a blogger night out, I knew I had to invite the Tampa Bay Bloggers, and a few of my fellow Tampa Bay Blog Gals, as well! A fun night was had by all, ya’ll!

simply art studios in #oldsmar

[the example]

2014-04-10 19.02.15

[painting "juice"]

14. 04. 2014

Q: what do you get when you go non-stop for two weeks without a break?   A:  a sick Nikki

But who wants to hear about that? Instead let’s recap the weekend, shall we?

Thursday, or as I sometimes like to call it Friday Eve, was spent at Simply Art with a few other Tampa Bloggers for a night full of painting…I have a fun giveaway coming up, so if you’re local make sure to enter!

2014-04-10 19.02.15


2014-04-10 21.13.43



#lamarcasparkle prosecco

Friday after work, Jason and I saw a few houses on the market in our area, before heading out to celebrate our anniversary. First though, I decided on a glass of bubbly after a long week!

For dinner, we decided to go to Cooper’s Hawk. I had been once before with Emilee, a few months back and suggested Jason and I go for our anniversary; somewhere nice but casual instead of a formal dinner. I love celebrating BIG, but it’s nice to just make a quick reservation and enjoy time with Jason.