Stuff + Things 6.25.15

She’s alive! You guys, I need time to slow the eff down. Having Jason around the house more, for summer break has been great! But a lot of our time has been spent catching up with friends (as is evident by my instagram photos), and we’re just now slowly getting into house shenanigans. P.S. We have been homeowners for a whole year now. It blows my mind, how quickly that went! There are still so many things I’d like to do, but if you were to compare they way the last owners decorated, to the way we have, it is like night and day. I plan to post an update next year soon.


+ The new job is going well. I am not stressed – I am not fulfilled either, but for the time being, I will take it.  I’m definitely staying busy. I’d love to expand on this, but I do try and keep work off of here for the most part. Basically, like many of you, I have a decent 9-5 that more than pays the bills and I am nowhere near passionate about it. But again, for the time being at least I am no longer stressed like I was.

+ Last week, we ate out a lot (which is why after only one week of Menu Planning Monday, I had nothing to share for week 2). Creative Loafing gets the Tampa Bay area pumped with #CLRestaurantWeek that ran for ten days. Basically, local restaurants offered $30 three-course prix fixe menus. It’s a great way to finally pop in to a spot or two. There were at least six restaurants I wanted to dine at – we made it to one, Fodder and Shine. It did not disappoint. I will most definitely share more on our dinner experience for Tampa friends, soon.

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12 recipe ideas for your papa

This weekend we’re celebrating my proud papa (I actually call him “daddio”, myself, but my sisters call him papa sometimes…anyway). Dad is pretty straight forward when it comes to dinner – the man loves chicken wings, and fajitas, and maybe a good burger. Sadly, that’s about it. I did get him to try the Beef Barbacoa I made last year for Father’s Day, but he added a lot of hot sauce :( The man likes what he likes, and…that is pretty much all that he likes.

In case your dad is as picky as mine – here are a few suggestions this Father’s Day:

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Steak Caesar Salad Crostini #FWCon #GrillTalk

Steak Caesar Salad Crostini

My love for a tasty crostini knows no bounds, my friends. At some point in my life, I’d like to publish a cookbook full of all the possible crostini concoctions. Gah, there’s an idea for my kind of party; crostinis ery’where.

I can’t wait to attend this year’s Food and Wine Conference. I had such a wonderful time last year, and made loads of new friends p.s. come with me! Save $50 on your conference ticket with my code: FWC15crewsN There were tons of contests last year, and I never had the chance to enter any.

Steak Caesar Salad Crostini

…this year, I am making sure to get my recipe entries posted. I’d love nothing more than to win the reimbursement of my own conference ticket, as well as other ah-mazing prizes! First up: Certified Angus Beef. [Read more…]

Cilantro Lime Chicken Wings for #SundaySupper

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Cilantro-Lime Chicken Wings for #SundaySupper #GalloFamily

It’s the most wonderful time of the year (well until Christmas-time, then that is the most wonderful time of the year), my friends! I just love summer and all of the food and drinks that are out there to celebrate the season! Because…you know, my life revolves around food, right?

Since this is the first full summer Jason and I are in our new home, we have many a shindig to host. Jason even bought a new grill a few months back in anticipation of all the summer soirees we plan to host over the next few months.

And as excited as I am, I don’t want to start stressing over all the food, prep, and dishes that usually accompany dinner parties at home. So I plan to have most of our summer par-tays as a casual affair where friends can bring a dish. I am digging the whole idea of a Backyard BBQ. We’ll grill the meat, you bring the sides.

Cilantro-Lime Chicken Wings for #SundaySupper #GalloFamily

…ooh, or maybe we can have a meat party (note to self: come up with a better name for said party idea) where everyone can bring the meat of their choice, and grill master, Jason can grill it up!

I’m getting a tad off track, aren’t I?

Today, the #SundaySupper gang is teaming up with Gallo Family Vineyards to share recipes for Backyard BBQs & Potlucks this summer with wine pairings, of course. I have shared quite a few summer sides, and salads on the blog, and really wanted to challenge myself to think outside the box on this one.

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