Stuff and Things 9.18.14

It has been a while since I shared anything house related. That’s mainly because life keeps going on, and I haven’t had as much time as I expected to get what I want done. We have done some painting, and most boxes are unpacked. But that is [sadly] about it, right now.

We have purchased some new items for the home though, and I thought that was worth sharing for today’s random Stuff + Things,


1. Hamilton Beach 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffeemaker


Remember last year when we bought a Kuerig and I was soooo excited? Well, I was sadly unimpressed. I missed grinding my own coffee. My new Keurig also made some weird weezing sound, and I thought the coffee was sort of weak tasting. So once we moved, I wanted something different. I didn’t even know you could get a coffeemaker that offered a regular way to brew [the 'old fashioned' way? lol], and a k-cup option! I found this gem on Amazon, and haven’t looked back! Our first quality coffeemaker was a Hamilton Beach, and I should have stuck with their brand, since we had great luck with that one. And to be honest, I end up making a single cup more often from this machine, and the coffee is much better.

2. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe

Shark® NavigatorTM Lift-Away® Deluxe Upright Vacuum with Extended Reach

I purchased this vacuum after Steph’s glowing review. This thing is seriously ah-mazing [am I getting old? I'm legit stoked about a vacuum, you guys]. The most I have ever spent on such a thing, and it has been worth every cent! I read the rave reviews on Amazon for the Shark Navigator Lift-Away DLX , but ended up getting it at Target, because it’s less than a mile from my home and I saved 5% with my REDcard. But the retail prices were the same, either way.

I love this vacuum! It does every single thing it says it will. I’d give you a more detailed review, but seriously just read Steph’s post, because that is the entire reason I bought it. If you have both wood/tile floors, and carpet…and a pet, spend the money and buy this. I promise, you’ll love it!

3. Bona Hardwood Floor Mop Express

Hardwood Floor Mop Express™

I love my vacuum, but we still need a mop for our wood floors! The previous owners said they just misted water and a dry mop. That works just fine, but Nikki likes when everything has a “tool”. I was initially using the Bona cleaning solution and a dry mop, but then I stumbled upon the Bona Hardwood Mop at Wal-mart [the bane of my existence, but I had to get a few things while out one day. le sigh], and it was only $30.00. Done, and done! I love this thing! It is like a Swiffer in the way it works, but the mop head it comes with is much better.

I think my next Stuff and Things will be wish board related to our new [still slightly empty] house, since that list is much longer than this one.


What are some household products you can’t live without?


Meals ideas to bring new parents

Meals ideas to bring new parents

There is something in the water lately! Several of my friends have become new parents within the last few weeks. I’ve made many the meal to bring my new parent friends. Bringing a meal is something simple I can do as a friend so that no one has to worry what to make when they’ve been taking care of their new baby all day. Plus, it makes my heart so happy to do something nice.

Some of the recipes I’m sharing today are my own, and some are ones that I have brought in the past. I think any of these dishes are great for any situation where someone doesn’t have time to cook. Enjoy!

1. Chicken and Zucchini Meatballs

chicken and zucchini meatballs #sundaysupper

While I wouldn’t recommend a side of “zoodles”, you can double up a batch of these meatballs; half for dinner/leftovers, and half to be frozen for a future meal. Bring a box of pasta, and sauce, and the new parents have quite a meal!

2. Greek Orzo Salad

Greek Orzo Salad  Casa de Crews

I love this recipe! A bit of orzo goes a lonnnng way, ya’ll. Sometimes I take the Chicken and Zucchini Meatballs and add feta for a few to add as a side to this orzo.

3. Baked Ziti [The Pioneer Woman]

I made this for Kari last week. Oh my lawd….this smelled so ah-mazing, you guys. This recipe serves twelve. Make the entire recipe and let the new mom and dad, freeze the rest. Or enjoy leftovers all week. Whatev.

4. White Garlic Stuffed Shells [Supper for a Steal]

Lane is a new momma who shared this recipe before her little one arrived. I couldn’t wait to make this one for a friend.

5. Shredded Buffalo Chicken

This is such an easy recipe to make. And again, more than half can be frozen for future meals. Throw this chicken over a salad, pizza, wraps, etc. Oooh, as I type this, maybe even a pasta dish? Really, the possibilities are endless!

6. Pasta e Fagioli [Can You Stay For Dinner]

This is so comforting, and so good.

6. Egg Muffins

As much as everyone always talks about bringing dinner, don’t forget breakfast! All you have to do is google, or pin “egg muffins” to find approximately 3,245,333 varieties.

8. Breakfast Sandwiches [North Carolina Charm]


A few weeks back, I also asked on my Facebook page what others brought to new parents, and I received a ton of great suggestions!

  • Pre-cooked, individual chicken breasts to be frozen
  • A variety of frozen meals from Trader Joe’s
  • French toast casserole
  • Chili
  • Taco makings

I have another group of friends due Spring 2015, and am always looking for new ideas. What are your favorite meals that you make for friends who have babies or are going through hard times?


Monday 9.15.14

Oh hey, remember me? Last week I was all like, “I’m back from a blog hiatus!”, and then…crickets. You see on Monday morning, my sister had her baby!! And becoming Aunt Nichole took precedent over ery’thing else.   My sister has asked I don’t really share baby photos on here, so other than these few today, I suppose this will be it (wahhh, I’m already in love with my niece, you guys). Both mommy, and baby are doing well. Each day after work, I was cooking up a storm of food to bring my sister at the end of the week. I also snuck in a visit to meet Kari‘s new baby girl (what exactly is in the water lately, I ask you?).

The proudest of aunties

The proudest of aunties

best friend, who is like family

best friend, who is like family

Uncle Jason (melt my heart!)

Uncle Jason (melt my heart!)

photo 1 (2)

This weekend was a good one. I visited with my niece, had dinner with the best friend, Jason grilled out, and we went to the Bucs game. It was a mix of busy, and lazy and it was just what I needed after a jam-packed work week!



How was your weekend?

#Staycation Recap 2014

Happy Monday. It’s taken an entire week to recap my staycation. I know, I know, so lame, but really I just had little desire to blog and upload photos. Half of my time away from the office was spent at home, and the other half was spent away from Tampa with my husband (separate recap to follow, soon (I hope)). The first weekend to kick off the eleven days away from work started with a winery tour with the mister, my best friend, and her guy. We had a Living Social deal; a tour of Keel and Curley Winery in Plant City, Florida. This place was adorable! Before entering there was a BBQ truck outside. Welcome to Hillsborough County, ya’ll. I was in love with the place already. I forget that outside of where I live, is a big ol’ county full of land, animals, and a different life. It’s where my in-laws hail from, and I love it all. keelandcurleywinetour

 [tour "bus" , group shot on ze' tractor, girls, and boys...being good sports]

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